Maisy and Kevin is a sweet point-and-click adventure around the friendship between a ladybird and tortoise.

Kevin has autism. Communication is difficult for Kevin and he finds many day to day activities stressful and overwhelming. He struggles with anxiety and retreats into his shell when the world seems too scary.

You play as Maisy,  Kevin's carer and friend. Help Kevin navigate through life. You will often have to read Kevin’s body language to help decide what is best. Save objects to use later, they might come in handy to resolve stressful situations.

Follow Maisy and Kevin through a regular day. First stop, a walk to the post office to send Kevins Granny’s 179th birthday card...

Created by Hello Lightbulb, husband and wife dev team as part of the Autistica Play Jam hosted by Tentacle Zone, March 2020. 


Download 11 MB
Download 11 MB


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The turtle is so cute!! Amazing work!!