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cute game, love the spritework! the backgrounds remind me of genndy tartakovsky's work. 

also learned quite a bit about pangolins :) how could anyone cause harm to these little dudes??

I really enjoyed playing this! Can’t wait to see the finished product. The characters are really engaging :) keep going team!

Thanks, we're glad you enjoyed it. We post game updates on Discord faster than we do on Itch so feel free to check it out if you're interested.


Awesome game, I really enjoyed it. I didn't actually know what a pangolin was before playing, so great for raising awareness. Can't wait to see the finished product.

Hey thanks so much! We're working hard to release the finished game in 2020 :)

Is it possible to make the mac download a .dmg file? I believe that would prevent the warning message when downloading.

Good idea! We'll look into it :)

Good game !! Enjoyed it. Just one thing.. you have to be in roll position if you want to jump on the enemy... If you just drop on the enemy you waste your life.. It seems you have to jump and then kill it, and not if you just drop from the branch. Else it is a nice and simple game. Great Job :}


Hey Sashbros Studios! Thanks so much for the feedback, really appreciate it. If you press the down key when on a hollow surface, such as a branch you roll into a ball and can kill an enemy below. We might need to find a way to make that more obvious! :)